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Where are the future hots property spots?

How can I maximise my property yield?

There are many compelling reasons to invest in property; you’ll earn a passive income, reap the benefits of capital growth and you can utilise leverage.


In essence, property is an incredibly advantageous industry, offering endless profit-fuelled possibilities.


Knowing what to look for in a property is a skill. 


There are key profit indicators that can determine the success of your investment over time. From the quality of the property to legal details.

When you’re starting out, it’s important to make a clear plan. You have to approach your property purchases as a business to see a return on investment. Your reputation as an investor is also invaluable, so you need to have an advisor that can do the leg work for you. 


As advisors to investors, we are up to to date with current affairs, the relevant stock markets, Bank of England projections, the laws and regulations and trends that form the basis of a property investor’s business.


The consequences of falling short here aren’t worth risking; you could lose momentum in your business or even face legal ramifications if you fail to adhere with necessary regulations. From ‘bridging finance’ to ‘beneficial shareholder’ and ‘convertible equity’, you can’t afford to get lost in the property world. 


When buying a property, it’s crucial you consider your tenant profile. Who are you looking to rent to? What will they need in a property? We review the number of bathrooms and bedrooms that your tenants would need, local amenities and ultimately how much rent your target audience would expect to pay. This will strategically sway your buying decisions, leading you to the right choice each and every time.


The phrase ‘location, location, location’ is completely true! Where you purchase your property is quite possibly the most important aspect. We consider the strength of the location, including its potential for capital growth.


We will want to be certain that the location will consistently attract a reliable stream of tenants; we’ve been advising landlords for years and know where to buy for our clients.

If you are looking to borrow agains the property,  chosing the right buy-to-let mortgage deal is key. We will bring in our financial partners who will offer a clear fiscal strategy.

Finally, through careful consideration and prudent planning we will want you to grow your investment in to a successful portfolio for your future generational income.

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