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Selling or finding a property is a journey. It requires collaboration, communication and compromise. We all have our own ideas on what the perfect move is and the initial brief invariably develops as we start this process. 


Keeping an open mind is key to providing the best result for your next chapter.

This is where we come in. Our non-partisan stance allows us to step away from the pretty pictures and bullish buyers and provide a clear concise assessment on, market conditions, pricing and what a proposal really means, rather than what we hope for.


"Cutting through the red tape and seeing past the rose tinted lens lends to a prudent approach and ultimately, self preservation" writes Richard, the founder of Juszt Capital. "No one wants to be disappointed, and if all the parties start off on the right foot, then expectations are managed people are happy. This should after all be an exciting process, with two parties working together to achieve the same result."

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