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With over 35 years of sales, asset acquisitions, investments and multi-disciplined consultancy work, we are known for delivering outstanding multi-layered services. 

We provide proactive, innovative and bespoke solutions for our customers.

Our partner-led teams of financiers, designers and asset placement managers offer a complete package of consultancy services for our private domestic and international clients, corporations and private offices.

Download our company brochure here.

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We sell, buy, lease and rent some of the most beautiful homes and offices. We act for private clients, private offices, companies, charities, hedge funds and the International community.


Our clients' mandates vary, and as a result, we deal with a range of real estate profiles, from classic family homes and stunning city apartments to commercial office investments and leasing; along with "mix-use" portfolios, hotels, industrial, warehouse, land, development and new homes.

With over 35 years of property knowledge and experience, we have a fantastic book of senior management contacts.


We trade in 'live' and off-market assets, maximising our clients' opportunities whilst providing unique proposals to their investment briefs.



We have a short list of trusted independent financial partners who offer our clients exclusive products and services; robust monetary packages and exclusive rates, providing a clear window of working capital for our customers. 

The briefs we work with tend to be focused on real estate profiles, from standard mortgage options to bridging loans, development loans and New Build borrowing platforms. 

They also have access to: 

Securities lending

Corporate Finance

Private Debt

Luxury Asset Finance

Crypto Finance

High-value finance is available at various positions.

IFA's: show

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For those clients looking to diversify their property investments, we work with professionals who can advise on the following alternative assets:

  1. Fx

  2. Wine

  3. NFTs

  4. Crypto

  5. Equine

  6. Marine

  7. Automotive

  8. Modern art

  9. Environmental

  10. Swiss asset systematics

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Our Close Protection Officers (P.C.O) we hire are ISO accredited and IMO compliant.


We treat every client, task, and operation with the utmost discretion, and are well-versed in local cultural etiquette to operate effectively with any client, in any country around the world, at a moment's notice.

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We strive in providing a seamless approach to our consultancy and advisory services both from a domestic level but also via our International platform. 


With all the years of experience, knowledge and contacts gained within our core markets, we have built up a trusted network of representatives globally.


We offer our private clients, Companies, Trust Funds and Hedge Fund Managers a well-oiled transition of business services between multi-disciplined divisions and across international borders. Operating within our established framework of best-in-class professionals we guide and advise on the best route forward to maximise profit margins and capital growth.


The geographical areas we cover are Brazil, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the U.S.

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