Private Office

Our exclusive office is the single point of contact for in-depth, national and global knowledge.

Established in 2011, The Private Office helps high and ultra-high net worth individuals, family offices and their advisers gain access to comprehensive yet bespoke and confidential property expertise and advice, across the full spectrum of our services.

The rationale behind The Private Office is straightforward. As companies grow, they often lose the very simple qualities upon which they were originally built. In particular, large organisations invariably struggle to maintain the high standards of client service at which smaller, boutique operations naturally excel.

Our team is represented in the UK and across Europe and The Americas. They are highly experienced and intuitive, able to guide clients through a blend of real estate, financial and regulatory matters. Whatever the requirement, they can either resolve issues or guide clients to an expert within the Juszt Capital network to help. Clients also benefit from our vast private database of contacts and market intelligence.



The Private Office ensures access to the very best of our extensive network and specialist expertise while guaranteeing absolute professionalism, discretion and privacy. Our service is defined by our seven pillars -

  1. Discretion - For total confidentiality, via our screening process, our clients instruct Private Office staff to act directly and discreetly on their behalf.
  2. Trust - With more than 30 years of experience in the field, we have the unfair advantage of providing our clients of a position of best advice within the market place.
  3. Accessibility - They identify the most appropriate best-in-class targets and all necessary introductions and instructions direct from the vendor and their advisors.
  4. Flexibility - The Private Office enables clients and their advisors, to detail their requirements and strategise on how their account will be managed, in line with their own position.
  5. Expertise - By offering principals one experienced point of contact, The Private Office ensures access to the very best of the global network.
  6. Motivation - The office never gives up; there's always a solution to every problem and the resolution is achieved.
  7. Privacy - A total and complete black-out on our operations within the markets is ensured, allowing our customers freedom to move, without hindrance and stress.

Our reputation and success has been earnt due to adhering to these core values.